Interviews, Videos, & Words on Craft

“VIDA Not So Feckless Roundtable” at VIDA: Women in Literary Arts (January 2019)

It was an honor to participate in this VIDA roundtable with other Feckless Cunt Anthology contributors. Check it out!

“Standing Together” Video at Connotation Press (January 2017)

After the election but before 45’s Inauguration, Meg Tuite and Ken Robidoux published this video about coping in the years ahead, and I’m humbled to be included. Thank you to Meg and Ken and all of you standing together right now. Light. It. Up. With. Love.

“Women Inspire” Video at Connotation Press (November 2016)

Connotation Press published this video, orchestrated by Meg Tuite and designed by Ken Robidoux, which features thirty women speaking up, speaking out, aiming to include and inspire and keep on keeping on as we walk, soar, fly, live, create. Honored to lend a voice here!

SmokeLong Quarterly Guest Reader Interview (September 2016)

Thank you to SmokeLong’s Megan Giddings for this interview, which ran during my week of guest reading, September 5-11, 2016.

Michelle Elvy’s Writers on Writing “Dinner Discourse: Six Writers Share a Meal” for Awkword Paper Cut (August 2013).

I shared a virtual meal with writers Kate Brown, Mary Carroll-Hackett, Rupert Fike, Tim Jones, and Michelle Elvy. “I’m embarrassed to say I have a writing sweater, and I’ve darned it, and I’m not that kind of girl.” – interview excerpt 

Susan Tepper interviewed me about my story “You Take All” for Fictionaut’s Monday Chat (November 28, 2011).

“Not too long ago, my aunt walked into my house, wearing my mother’s old wig. She was proud to show me. My mother followed behind, smiling. It was one of those moments I’ll never forget. I felt overwhelmingly connected to that wig right then. It had returned, years later, to stand in my kitchen. I hadn’t expected it. After that, I knew I wanted to write about a wig and its place in a family. The wig had to be central, its own character. And it had to demand attention. I wanted to convey some of this in the story’s opening scene.” – interview excerpt

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