“Blood Strangers” in Blue Fifth Review

A new flash fiction of mine called “Blood Strangers” appears now at Blue Fifth Review as part of a special all-flash issue, guest edited by Sara Lippmann. Sara is an incredibly talented writer and editor, and when she invited me to participate, I knew this issue would be a standout one. Blue Fifth continually publishes exciting poetry and prose, and so having Sara join the mix just put it over the top. BFR is one of my favorite journals on the Internet these days, and I’ve been lucky enough to publish work with them before – this piece makes lucky number 4. Incredibly grateful for the continuing support from editors Sam Rasnake, Michelle Elvy, and Bill Yarrow, as well as the opportunity to work with Sara on this issue. Her notes were invaluable. It’s an honor to be included in such amazing, all-female company here: each offering is memorable, haunting, gorgeously written. And if nothing else, read Lippmann’s commentary. “We wake up, we wrestle the beast, we want things, we want to be seen, we go on wanting, that want running like a live wire through these beautiful, unshakeable stories – “to only connect.”” For more on it all, go here.

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