This is Me Tearing Out a Giant Sheet of Fresh Paper and Setting it Clumsily Down Beside a Canister of Old Stubby Pencils

A year and a half has come and gone since I last posted, which strikes me as ridiculous and impossible. Life has been hard, unexpectedly and necessarily so. In the fall of 2013 I fell ill with a condition no woman, or anyone, should ever have to endure. In the spring of 2014, bordering on summer, I gave birth to twin boys. I feel lucky to be well again, to be surrounded by my miraculously healthy children (three of them now), to be here. Looking forward, very much so, to writing again.

IMG_5839 - Copy

Back in the summer of 2013, Michelle Elvy of Blue Fifth Review approached me about writing a piece of short fiction for an upcoming publication. I jumped at the opportunity, and, like any self-respecting writer (and not knowing what was ahead), waited until the last minute to send it. Lucky for me I had the majority done when the deadline came and managed, in a blurry haze, to send Michelle the story. And it is shocking to me now, reading it back, how much this piece speaks to the way I would soon be feeling. Here it is, “Soul, Sole, So” (originally titled “Sole, Soul, So”), with accompanying art and commentary. Thanks for taking a peek.

In other news, beloved Stymie Magazine has closed virtual doors. When my daughter was a baby, I spent nearly every one of her naptimes on the computer doing work for Stymie, and I do not regret a second of it. Thank you to all of our contributors to the magazine, to Erik and the super Stymie team, and to Sara Lippmann for passing the baton to me. Loved my three-year stint. Please, friends, do check out Stymie’s archives. Goodness awaits.

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