“Migration” and a Dedication

“Migration” was written for Blue Fifth Review and published in March as part of their Glass Woman issue. I recently posted the piece to Fictionaut.

I’m dedicating this story, and one other, to my Grammy Meader, who passed away suddenly on June 29th. Kind, gentle, and sweet do not begin to describe her. And she wrote the best letters. Real, honest, handwritten letters. Letters to fold and keep.

“Before she leaves, she takes a last look outside, and sees a tabby cat tail, disappearing into the sunflowers, rows and rows and rows.”

If you’ve read “A Window of Tall Flowers” (published in Istanbul Literary Review) you might remember the rows of sunflowers, referenced above. Those sunflowers were hers.

I intend to write about her – I always have – but for now I’ll leave you with “Migration.”

One thought on ““Migration” and a Dedication

  1. Wow, Kari, absolutely amazing. You are an astounding writer. Grammy would’ve loved this. She is always in our hearts. Love you and love her, always.

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