The Lit Scene: On Reading HOPE FROM DAFFODILS by Karen Coulters and EBENEZER MUDGETT AND THE PINE TREE RIOT by Connie Evans

At the beginning of May, I had the pleasure of attending a book launch at LaBelle Winery for Hope from Daffodils, a debut novel by new local author Karen Coulters. It was a gorgeous and fun event, and I came home with a signed copy of Hope from Daffodils, as well as a signed novella by Connie Evans called Ebenezer Mudgett and the Pine Tree Riot, a book by another local author that I won as a raffle prize. (So fun, like I said!!)


As I understand it, both authors have been involved in The Weare (New Hampshire) Area Writers Group, and so I thought it would be nice to mention them both here and link to their author and book pages so you can learn more about them.

Author Website for Karen Coulters

Hope from Daffodils on Amazon

Ebenezer Mudgett and the Pine Tree Riot on Amazon

Hope from Daffodils is a romantic page-turner set in picturesque York, Maine, and also in New York City. I enjoyed the drama, the love, and the luscious details which instantly transport readers onto the scene. Find a cozy spot and get comfortable, as you’ll want to sit quietly with this book until it’s done.

Ebenezer Mudgett and the Pine Tree Riot is a novella of historical fiction inspired by “the true story of New Hampshire colonists who defied British rule in the spring of 1772, foreshadowing the Boston Tea Party.” It is a fascinating exploration of an important time in our local history. I learned so much, and want to share this one particular line that will stay with me (from page 26): “Tis dangerous to be right when the King is wrong.”

The theme of justice runs throughout each of these books, which is one of the reasons I enjoyed them so much. I hope you’ll check them out!


America’s Emerging Literary Fiction Writers: Northeast Region

It feels like a gift to be included in America’s Emerging Literary Fiction Writers: Northeast Region, which was released on Mother’s Day. The book includes work from 22 writers from Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Rhode Island, and Vermont. Thank you to Z Publishing House for their continued support of my writing, and for including my short story “Dealing Harold” in this particular anthology.

Copies of the book are available from the Z Publishing House website and on Amazon.

Speaking of Mother’s Day…do you like my new mouse pad?


LOVE issue at Flash Frontier

I’m humbled, honored, on cloud nine to have a new story called “Bloom” in Flash Frontier’s special April 2019 issue dedicated to love and art and beauty in times of tragedy. Flash Frontier is an online publication based out of New Zealand, and this issue includes literary and artistic offerings from around the world, sent in response to the violent attacks in Christchurch and Sri Lanka. I’ll be taking the weekend to sit with this issue, and already am so moved by its existence. In addition to “Bloom” I also have an accompanying commentary published as well. Click here for the issue.

VIDA Not So Feckless Roundtable

Sarah Fawn Montgomery recently lead a VIDA roundtable discussion with Feckless Cunt Anthology editor Susan Rukeyser and fellow contributors Lisa Allen, Sarah Einstein, and myself. In addition to being a huge honor, this was a lot of fun. Learn more about the book, as well as what we have to say about the word “cunt” (and other feminist and writerly things), here.

Reprinted. #FCAnthology

Kicking off the New Year with some important housekeeping, which is to say that the Feckless Cunt Anthology has received a shiny new reprint, and is back up and available on Amazon. Here is the statement from our editor, which I fully support.

fc reprint

Feckless C💗nt = A book for our times.

Chills, inspiration, + absolute genius.

Feckless Cunt: A Feminist Anthology is a book I want to read again and again.  It’s one of the most powerful, gorgeously honest books you’ll read. We collectively need so much right now and this collected body of work is too important not to share. To Susan Rukeyser and all the writers in these pages: I so love you.

From the dedication and the introduction straight on through, every page is pure power. Still pinching myself that my allegorical flash fiction lives here, too. (“Rebirth is a Mother” is the name of my offering here.)

Words have power, and the words in these pages are declarations, exclamations, reclamations. Thank you to everyone supporting our voices.


New Hampshire, have some books.

Thank you again to Z Publishing for selecting “Just Off Main Street” for inclusion in the New Hampshire’s Emerging Writers Anthology. It’s been really wonderful to discover more local voices and, as it turns out, at least a couple other featured authors are graduates of my alma mater. Go, Chargers! I donated a copy of the book to our college library, which is perhaps one of the most rustic and charming college libraries around.

I also donated a copy to my local public library, which, happily, is celebrating its 125th birthday this year. How cool is that?

Congrats to everyone, and happy reading.